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2022-04-12 at 13:52 - comment by ODA

Hi gh, I think that was me who you ran into. Hope u enjoyed your ski down WJ.
Yes, those are cougar tracks. I was concerned he might have been stocking a skier for about 2 km -yikes! Those paws looked like a big boy!
Conditions were definitely winter-like with snow showers cropping up while the sun shone. The tracks on hydro disappeared in the snow drifts by the time I got there but the tracks on tyrwhitt were great.
All-in-all a good day on the trails!

2022-04-11 at 20:47 - comment by gh

I skied most of this route as well and stopped to talk to a skier on Trywhitt near Elk Pass. That may have been you. I thought about those tracks. At first I thought Grizzly but there were no claw marks. I don't think that cats have their claws out when they are walking so perhaps a cougar?

In addition, I skied west Elk Pass to the couches which are now more like benches now. The track was wiped out by the wind in open areas but travel was pretty easy. I returned to the groomed network via the hydroline. A large group was headed downhill to Elk Lakes.

Conditions were certainly amazing today.

Monday was like winter at PLPP

Report Submitted by Dave Neame
(trip) Date: Monday Apr 11, 2022

Submitted: Monday Apr 11, 2022 at 18:16


Winter conditions in April. After a couple of warm weeks, a return to winter, with a dusting of cold, dry snow. Spectacular day.
-8c at Boulton at 11am, and -5c at 3:30. Sun+cloud, mostly calm. Skied Whiskey Jack, Tyrwitt, Elk, Blueberry, Elk, Fox, Moraine. 25k. WJ and Tyrwitt had about 2cm of fresh, cold snow on Saturday night’s track-setting, Tyrwitt was beautiful, and the tracks on Elk and Blueberrry were perfect, hard and fast. No wind at the top of Blueberry(really!!). Very few people out today. Skin skis worked fine, although wax would probably have been faster. Big predator tracks the whole length of Tyrwitt made me a little nervous.

Predator tracks the whole length of Tyrwitt and part of WJ

Anyone know what animal made these?



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