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2022-11-05 at 08:41 - comment by aqua toque

Man, that's really getting out there in the boonies!

Beautiful pic. Thanks for adding it.

Little Elbow

Report Submitted by Arie
(trip) Date: Friday Nov 04, 2022

Submitted: Friday Nov 04, 2022 at 16:57




I skied Little Elbow today. I turned around about 2 km short of Mount Romulus campground. The ski conditions were variable and I'm glad I brought rock skis. Some short sections needed to be hiked and there was some powder on gravel, but for long stretches the skiing was good, with about 10 cm of windblown powder on about 10 cm of refrozen snow. The snow got sticky later in the day. Pretty good first day of skiing. Didn't see anyone else.

In the morning

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