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2022-11-15 at 11:41 - comment by Mike W

As usual, thanks for your detailed and informative report!

2022-11-14 at 18:13 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

I skied the trail on Sunday rather than Monday.

REDEARTH CREEK- double snowmobile packed

Report Submitted by DEMOCRATIZE AB
(trip) Date: Monday Nov 14, 2022

Submitted: Monday Nov 14, 2022 at 14:22


A real democracy legalizing champion on 205 cm metal edge cross country skis


Redearth Creek ski conditions vary highly on a double snowmobile packed trail.

The lower 1.5 km of the trail is in poor to fair condition with about 7cm of snow on the ground. The snowpack has a quasi supportive layer on top of the ground with lighter snow on top. The snowmobile helped make a decent base though. I was very impressed to see the snowmobilers had tracked the trail for snow harvesting purposes. This was very smart as this section of the trail will only need 7cm of new wet snow to greatly improve the skiing. I saw one big spark fly off my edges as I hit a few rocks on this section of trail skiing down slowly at night to moonlight.

Beyond 1.5 km to the Shadow Lake turn off, conditions are fair to very good. Fair under big trees where there is less snow. Expect to hit rocks on the flood diverted section of the trial where there are large trees.

I broke/ side stepped the trail up to Shadow Lake Lodge. This section of trail is in poor to good shape. A snowmobile can now make its way up to pack the trail down as I ensured the bridges or board walks are passable. I also side stepped the trail down. This section of trail will require about 15 cm of wet snow to greatly improve the conditions and make it ski-able. Primarily only the sides of the trail are side stepped and where large rocks or stumps protruded in the center.

There is roughly 25 cm of snow on the ground at Shadow Lake Lodge. There are some semi crusty higher moisture content layers down low in the snowpack with light snow on top.

The temperature at the warden cabin in late afternoon was -12c. The temperature at Shadow Lake Lodge under the glittering stars of night around 8:30pm was -8c.

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