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2022-11-15 at 17:51 - comment by SteveR

The fresh tracksetting on Moose sure was a treat! Our afternoon Moose-Mountainview West-Mountain View-West Crystal-etc loop started and finished in plus 3. Breezes kept the snow cool though, with no melting, and VR30 (purple) grip wax worked perfectly. No new grooming on MV West but it's still in great shape, (as was everything else) although the big hill down to Mountain Road is hardpacked and slick.

Surprise! Fairly new tracksetting that doesn't show up on Nordic Pulse.

A few small thin spots were found along here on the sunniest side of Moose Loop, but were easy to step over without leaving the track.

2022-11-15 at 14:06 - comment by ErinP

I always do Moose Loop but today was the day I decided to try something new and head out to Iron Springs…doh! Oh well…I didn’t get fresh tracks but lots of fresh air. :)

Fresh Tracksetting on Moose Loop

Report Submitted by KathyH
(trip) Date: Tuesday Nov 15, 2022

Submitted: Tuesday Nov 15, 2022 at 13:07


Beautiful fresh tracksetting on moose loop this morning. great conditions on mountain road - moose connector - moose loop - west Crystal line. About -6° at 9:45 warming to near 0° by 11:30.

Total distance: 11.30 Km

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