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2022-12-12 at 12:05 - comment by GordN

If you want some details on the art of grooming there's a well written (by my brother no less!) FAQ on the Kimberley Nordic Club site.

Grooming tab in the main page. I read how to insert links but by the time I got over here to do it I'd already forgotten

2022-11-19 at 20:02 - comment by Little Bs

Hi Chuck - I think you've got us confused with Mike W. We love to post lots of photos, but Dad usually just posts a few, except when he was doing it on our behalf before we got our own account.

2022-11-19 at 18:03 - comment by SkierRoger

As expected you end up with a cryptic looking link but it is indeed embedded within the text.

If you want to place a link with a clean name, you can still use the previous link features.

Like this

2022-11-19 at 17:54 - comment by Chuck

Okay, it got highlighted after I posted it!
So glad Roger keeps developing this website.

2022-11-19 at 17:49 - comment by Chuck

Oh, Mike W. is going to love this new feature... An opportunity to post more than six pictures (and never losing access to them)!
Now how do I paste my link... I'll try a simple paste:
It does not highlight... does it work??

Ability to embed website links directly inside text is here!

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(trip) Date: Saturday Nov 19, 2022

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This program now accepts website links directly within the discussion area! https://www.rossignol.com/ca_en/how-to-cross-country-skiing-intro-page-1
I know people love to do this and now you can.


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