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2022-11-21 at 20:11 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Glad to read Normand is up in the "Shadow The Lake" country again. I was going to say it would take big snowballs to ski the lower 1.5km of the trail but the amount of new snow likely helped cover some of the rocks. The pictures make it tempting to ski back up there with that nice skiff of new snow.

It is always nice to see wolverine tracks on the trail. When I was up there just over a week ago, there were plenty of wolf tracks going up to near Shadow Lake Lodge. They followed the trail from the parking lot. There must be some good eats up there with all the carnivores tracking their way up there.

2022-11-21 at 18:27 - comment by CMS

It looks to me like there could be 5 toe prints? if so, it would be a Wolverine track.

Shadow Lake

Report Submitted by Normand
(trip) Date: Sunday Nov 20, 2022

Submitted: Sunday Nov 20, 2022 at 22:43




Started at 10 am, with moderate snow coverage for the lowermost 1 km (less than 10 cm) and a few rocks sticking out in the “flat-packed” trail. Beyond that, the conditions were quite good with a couple ski tracks on the packed trail. The steep section from the Shadow Lake turnoff (km 10.5) really needs lot of snow to cover some big rocks. Arriving at the lodge, I was pleased to see a skier track to reach the lake, as the 30-35 cm early season snow cover offered very minimal support. Apart from a skier doing the lowermost 7 km of Red Earth Creek, I had it all to myself. Interesting animal tracks at km 8 (see photo).

Total distance: 29.00 Km

Name that dominant massif.

Pretty good conditions around km 3, heading up Red Earth Creek.

Cougar, bear, wolf tracks?

Late pm sun shining on the face of Pilot Mountain.

Thin ice on Shadow Lake; those red chairs will have to wait for a visit.

No more bench on the porch to sit for a snack.

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