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2022-11-22 at 21:07 - comment by Ray Yong

Just a couple of minor comments to add - Tracks are generally really good and deep, even in the sun-exposed areas like Mountain View West, but there is debris (i.e., needles, pine cones, twigs, etc.) in the treed trails.

I found the trails in the open were much easier to ski (I was using skin skis), e.g. Mountain Rd, Mountain View West, but the snow was hard and fast.

Lower Crystal

Mountain Rd


Report Submitted by gh
(trip) Date: Tuesday Nov 22, 2022

Submitted: Tuesday Nov 22, 2022 at 18:41


Just me.


I am back... I got my first ski of the season in today after being away for a while. I skied pretty much the entire core area (Crystal lines / Sundog / Loggers) plus Moose Connector / Moose / Mountain View West and East counter clockwise and the northern Elbow / Iron Springs loop also counter clockwise. I was skiing on metal edged waxless skis. Conditions are variable from really good in places to marginal (not very many places). There was some grooming in the core area last night and today. Generally, the conditions are better in the core area than farther out such as Mountain View West and Elbow / Iron Springs (a few icy sections) but there is still some good skiing to be had there as well. I had no problems with excessive ice on my metal edged skis. Regular skis would be fine closer in.

Most of the long down hill sections had good coverage except: Mountainview east - the steep hill after the high point heading west towards Mountain Road and Loggers - the last hill heading north to upper Crystal Line. The grooming team was working on getting more snow onto the east Mountainview marginal bit.

MaSid's temporary couch on Sundog East is still usable but the sun is slowly wearing it down.

Total distance: 30.10 Km


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