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2022-11-25 at 08:48 - comment by Chuck

Yes Ulrikeski,
I was able to transfer these bindings from my old skis to my new skis!

2022-11-24 at 22:04 - comment by SteveR

Good looking skis, Chuck! I expect that we will see those tips in many future reports. In response to other comments- the Asnes "x-skin" and the Madshus kicker skin system as well, are not permanently attached, but are simply an extra tool in the kit to use when wax isn't enough. The skis themselves are normal waxable skis, and function perfectly as such without the skins. Pricey when new though, but FWIW I paid $80 last spring for a lightly used pair including the skins.

2022-11-24 at 22:02 - comment by Helen Read

Have the pink Little B's got a new friend in your Baby Blue's? Glad you found some new skis to enjoy the back country with.

2022-11-24 at 21:31 - comment by Sara M

The new skis look great!

2022-11-24 at 21:16 - comment by ulrikeski

Hey Chuck: very inspiring trip report! Congrats on the new light touring skis. It seems to be difficult to find waxable ones, unless you're willing to pay $500 at a local ski shop. Do you have BCNNN bindings on them? I'm looking to find a new pair as my binding is old and not working well anymore. Definitely will look at Switching Gear again.

2022-11-24 at 20:38 - comment by Chuck

Hey Brother D,
Surprisingly, I managed to score a pair at 190 cms!
I am so glad to have found a traditional waxable ski without skin attachments.
Hopefully, the ski industry is monitoring SkierRoger and we will get what we want!
BTW, wait for more snow... for the Cascade.
Ski ya later, my bobski twin,

2022-11-24 at 19:40 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Howdy Chuck,

I scored the same skis as well last spring. Mine are a little short though, probably 180 cm. I prefer 205's or 210's. I skied on 210 cm Madshus Viddas last season for the first time and I really liked how I could "reach" further for contours in the snow to get better grip and glide. It was a rush skiing on big boards that marketers would say are not the appropriate size for me.

You could have bought new metal edge Madshus skis but they have skins. But what experienced skier wants slow skins stuck on the bottom of skis permanently? The manufacturers don't seem to have the smarts to provide super narrow metal edge skis free of skins for the experienced skiers. It is like the old Ford motto: "you can have any car you want as long as it is black." The ski industry is not into real freedom of choice markets. You get what they want to sell not what you want to ski on.

I guess we will be ski bobbsie twins again having the same skis.

Could you tell me what you thought of the conditions up Cascade River when you skied it a while back? Lots of unavoidable rock? How much snow was at the confounded bridge? Any base to that snow?

Ski ya later.

2022-11-24 at 18:38 - comment by SkierRoger

Congrats on the new skis Chuck. I know you've been looking for quite some time.

May you use them for many years!

BOOM LAKE - Enjoying the cold snow up high

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Thursday Nov 24, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Nov 24, 2022 at 17:55


Well I got to try out my new (new to me) fully metal edged, waxable light touring skis... just what I've been looking for!
They seem to have been hardly used, no scratches.
Many more reports to come!

Forget the snow... look at my skis!

Ignore the rock... see the $60 price tag!



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