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2022-11-25 at 21:38 - comment by Arie


Tastes like chicken (just kidding)

2022-11-25 at 17:23 - comment by SkierRoger

Hi Arie

Too bad we missed each other on the trails. Hopefully next time!

Lucky you: I didn't spot any wildlife at all.
Looks like you may have tried to send a picture that didn't upload quite right. Feel free to try again.

2022-11-25 at 08:23 - comment by Arie

Hi Roger I skied PLPP as well, Tyrwhitt and Lookout starting from Back Door. Unfortunately I didn't run into you on the trail. I did see several spruce grouse and lots of boreal chickadees, though.

2022-11-24 at 19:12 - comment by SkierRoger

The pleasure was all mine Colemania!


2022-11-24 at 19:05 - comment by Colemania

Nice meeting you on Whiskeyjack Roger! Hope you had a great rest of your day!

PLPP: Whiskey Jack, Tyrwhitt, Elk Pass

Report Submitted by SkierRoger
(trip) Date: Thursday Nov 24, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Nov 24, 2022 at 18:32


Thanks to everyone for sending in the all the fantastic trip reports. Just the motivation needed to get me out today.

We've sure had a run of warm weather lately! +10 degrees in Calgary this AM and +5 degrees as I drove past Kananaskis Village. Fortunately, it continued to cool as I approached PLPP: -3 at the Elk Pass parking lot. Swix VR 40 seemed to do the trick today.

I took Moraine to Whiskey Jack, then hung a right on Tyrwhitt towards Elk Pass. For those taking Tyrwhitt, watch for the many ups & downs otherwise they will get you!

I found the snow quite fast, but we're definitely in need of another dump. I'd love to see some more track setting in this area.

A very pleasant day!

Beautiful view from Moraine trail, heading towards Whiskey Jack

Heading through the campground

Some athletes coming up the crux of Whiskey Jack

Great view from Tyrwhitt

Beautiful sign: "Welcome to the Elk Valley"

Coming down Elk Pass was a blast!


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