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2022-11-26 at 20:03 - comment by MaSid

Hi Chuck, just a copy from an animal/encyclopedia web site. No credit provided on the web site for the photo. The show lasted about 2 minutes. You would have been able to get a good shot for sure.

2022-11-26 at 19:54 - comment by Chuck

Hey MaSid,
That final photo of the weasel is the winner... who gets the photo credit?

2022-11-26 at 19:09 - comment by MaSid

The Ermine. AKA, the “Stoat”. Not my photo. They are a bit manic and quick for my iPhone camera.

Elk passes (west, middle, east)

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Saturday Nov 26, 2022

Submitted: Saturday Nov 26, 2022 at 17:20


-8 to start at sunrise with 3” of fresh cold snow at elk pass pkg. The powder and first tracks on fox was nice cruising. 6” of new on the blueberry junction table. More boot top trail breaking in the prior track through west elk meadows, but light fluffy pow, sunny skies and a light breeze. Step off the track however, and it’s knee deep. Out to hydroline and back. Hut goers put in a fat ski track down the hydroline, which has been plowed again (last week). Looks like they are prepping to replace the remaining wood power poles. Just enough cover with the new snow overnight (but wouldn’t recommend the descent to elk lakes for skinny skis as pole tips hit ground). Went over to check out the east elk pass track. Not recommended, bushy, knee deep trail breaking and unfilled in drainages. Back to hydroline and south down the fat ski track to pass through west elk a 3rd time. Glad I did. Got to watch a curious ermine enjoying travelling under and over the fresh dry powder, periscope popping up every few feet to check out the foreign visitor as he crept closer and closer. Super cool. The return on elk pass and fox was sloppy skier set, the right kind of snow for side slipping. Should be great when track set again. -3 on return at 3.

6” new at blueberry junction

Mount Fox

More trail breaking, again.

The skier set track and plowed road down hydroline to elk lakes.

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