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2022-12-02 at 21:39 - comment by Helen Read

CONGRATULATIONS RAY and Santa BOB !!! Braving the cold gave you both this incredible ski almost all to yourself with brand new grooming. So glad you made it to the very top. A First Trax beer might be in order. I am jealous!

2022-12-02 at 18:40 - comment by Bob Truman

Great seeing you today, Ray. Just wanted to tell everyone that my beard is white because of all the frost. Nothing to do with age. Here's a photo of you coming down the trail.

Skogan Pass - Perfect

Report Submitted by Ray Yong
(trip) Date: Friday Dec 02, 2022

Submitted: Friday Dec 02, 2022 at 17:46


Just me.


When I ran into Helen Read last Wednesday, she convinced me to do Skogan Pass. I'd been sort of avoiding it because I found the metrics a little intimidating, but with her gentle push, and the fact it had just been groomed and trackset, I decided to give it a shot today. It was -28 at the trailhead when I set out around 0930 (just missing Helen, I guess).

I was first on the new grooming (yay!), and conditions were perfect. Tracks are deep and solid, with no ice or significant debris. There are twigs lower down, but you quickly leave them behind. Great grip on the way up, and nice glide on the way down.

Given the temperature, I took it easy on the way up as I didn't want to overheat - why make coming down colder than it needs to be...

Lots of control on the way down, and as a bonus, I ran into Skier Bob! The only thing I'd add is when coming down, watch out for snow bomb debris. A lot of it is icy, so it can mess you up if you hit it badly at speed

-16 at the trailhead when I got back around 1500. Saw 5 people all day.


More pristine trail

Nice view of Rimwall and Pigeon from Skogan Pass

Wind's coming up - time to go!

Skier Bob in his element. The beard threw me and I didn't recognize him. Good disguise...

Mt. Kidd and snow making on Nakiska

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