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2022-12-07 at 15:12 - comment by Chuck

Hi Whipper,
Not to get too Beery, but I would appreciate the benefits of your research.
You know my taste in beer, so please give me some specific local suggestions.

2022-12-07 at 08:50 - comment by Whipper

Thanks for the trip reports. Not to get political, but what about shopping a bit more local and buying beer here in Alberta? According to my personal research, there are many fine choices. Our merchants could use our business.

2022-12-06 at 14:45 - comment by ern

Hey Willie, just curious re: the purpose of the bat? Is that to fend off 'would-be absconders' of your fine, fine choice?!?

PS> does anyone give you the 'crook-eye' when you empty the local boozeteria of all their Kootenay glory?

2022-12-06 at 11:17 - comment by Bob Truman

Hi Chuck, this is one of your most interesting reports ever with photos of beer, a dog, and wolverine tracks. The photo you posted is an excellent example of the unmistakeable "three-print diagonal" of the wolverine. A special thrill to see them.

2022-12-06 at 11:11 - comment by Willie

It's too bad we have to travel so far for our beverages. But the trips are usually worth while.

Kootenay Ale

2022-12-06 at 10:09 - comment by Chuck

Hey Aqua Toque,
Very observant of you to see the blue tails of my Morotto skis under the arch of beer!

2022-12-06 at 09:05 - comment by aqua toque

Pro Tip:

When stacking beer in the SUV always leave a space for the ski tails.

YOHO VALLEY ROAD to the SWITCHBACKS - Snow shoe packed only!

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Monday Dec 05, 2022

Submitted: Tuesday Dec 06, 2022 at 07:27


Thin snow conditions, but what is there needs to be packed.
Parks Canada has taken back responsibility for trail maintenance... hope they start soon!

Snowshoers are probably ice climbing

Pole tips hitting pavement until you get at least this far (The Meeting of the Waters)

I only went to the switchbacks... beware of avalanche slopes beyond

Wolverine tracks

Now this looks like a good way to do it!

True mission accomplished!
Naramata Nut Brown Ale is still my favourite, but alas only available in B.C.

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