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2022-12-08 at 17:51 - comment by Gord F

I can't wait until I become a septuagenarian (I had to look that up) so I can get up that early and ski that much distance.

Early Morning Ski at WBC

Report Submitted by Septuagenarians
(trip) Date: Thursday Dec 08, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Dec 08, 2022 at 17:18


Two of us.


We got an early start to enjoy the cold snow. It was minus 10 at sunrise. Conditions were excellent. In the morning we did Crystal West-> Moose Connector -> Moose Loop CCW -> Mountain View West -> Mountain Road -> Mountain View and then Crystal West back to the parking lot. In the afternoon we did Crystal West -> Mountain View -> Mountain Road to the end and then finished the day at zero degrees.

Crystal Line and Mountain Road had been heavily used yesterday, but the tracks were still very good and the downhill sections were smooth with some loose snow. Mountain View West was perfect. There are only three cautions that we would suggest. Firstly, be prepared to sidestep the occasional rock and dirt. Secondly, 10 meters down the steep slope north of the Moose Loop south junction there is a rock just waiting to scrape your skis if you are snowplowing. We were unable to remove it. Thirdly, there is very thin coverage on the upper north slope beyond the high point on Mountain View. Other than that, the conditions are excellent. Hard and fast with well defined trackset and smooth skate lanes for fast controllable descents.

Total distance: 25.00 Km

Watching the moon set.

Very impressive infrastructure.

Beautiful Chinook arch at sunrise.

Mountain View West was perfect.

Mountain View.

Mountain View.

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