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2022-12-09 at 20:40 - comment by MaSid

For another slight alternative, try the dodge left through Patterson meadow, 100 m down hydroline from elk pass, if the track is in (you will see it). Comes out on Patterson about half way down, still getting some track descent fun on the lower half.

Skier Bob Special at PLPP w modification

Report Submitted by chuckley
(trip) Date: Friday Dec 09, 2022

Submitted: Friday Dec 09, 2022 at 15:17


Great snow conditions for a great loop (modified because I enjoy Patterson downhill so much!)

Boulton Bridge Parking Lot
Up Whiskey Jack
Turn right Tyrwhitt to Elk Pass
to Patterson
to Elk Pass trail
to Fox Creek
to Boulton Creek trail
back at car – Boulton Bridge Parking.

About 400m cumulative ascent.

Trail of the day = Boulton Creek - groomed and track set despite Nordic Pulse missing data.

Thanks you Parks groomers!

Total distance: 18.00 Km

Tyrwhitt Meadows at PLPP - skier set track is good


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