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2022-12-12 at 00:19 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Howdy Walt,

That looks like a wolverine but I don't see the confounded claw marks! Perhaps they just did not show up in the photo or the snow fell in them. Hard to tell from pictures sometimes.

Those animals have brought me great pleasure out backpacking over the decades. Damn smart animals which have stolen a lot of expensive food from me!

Can the south end of PLPP get any better?

Report Submitted by walterh
(trip) Date: Sunday Dec 11, 2022

Submitted: Sunday Dec 11, 2022 at 19:33


Gail and me


We arrived at Boulton parking lot at 11:30 to find 2 other vehicles. Minus 5 on arrival and when leaving at 3:30, despite it being minus 13 at the highway 1/40 junction. We skied Whiskeyjack, Tyrwhitt, ELk Pass, Fox Creek, and Montaine. No clouds, no wind, excellent trail conditions, and very few people. Whiskeyjack and Tyrwhitt have only a couple of cm on top of the grooming, and were excellent. Elk Pass had about 5cm and the tracks were still quite good.

Lots of animal tracks on Tyrwhitt - elk, fox, rabbit. And these ones looking pretty large.

Total distance: 18.00 Km

At the top of Whiskeyjack. 5 toes, Wolverine?

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