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2022-12-14 at 21:05 - comment by Chuck

Oh No, the hair is gone... How will we recognize you?
I thought my late afternoon ski up the Cascade might reveal you heading out towards the Panther!
Glad you didn't mind the repeat exposure of your photo from my ski dungeon, and thanks for your fun commentaries.

2022-12-13 at 23:55 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Howdy Chuck,

I should have never cut my super strength Covid-19 hair. Now I can't ski as far. That hair was like Redbull, it gave me wings when it flapped and it reduced the ski penetration while trail breaking.

If you think that hair was long, wait for the next pandemic.

That hair went to a good cause cleaning up oil spills. There is also a lot that ended up involuntarily in bird nests for insulation.

That Covid-19 hair sure kept me a lot warmer out skiing. I did not need a balaclava on colder days. The hair was really great for keeping the sun out of my eyes when I was planting pear trees and melon seeds and it kept me cooler when working the land in +50c temperatures last year. It helps prevent sunburn on the face in the summer and frost bite in the winter. It also kept a lot of bugs from biting my face and shoulders last summer out in the field. I should have grown it down to my butt. Now I know why Jesus wore his long.

I missed skiing the same place on this photo anniversary by just a few hours this year. My report from skiing yesterday suggests ski penetration was rather similar as a year ago judging by the ski penetration in your photo.

Even though there is a fraction of the snow base as last year, conditions are not so bad up Brewster Creek, particularly if you are skiing on rock skis (don't use nice base skis up there yet). If it was not for the "old" rain crust in the current snow base, skiing would be more frightening than my photo up Brewster Creek.

Thanks for pulling the photo out of the ski dungeon and scaring the hell out of the people that look at it. Roger probably lost half his viewers to blindness or zombism as a result.

Just remember my politics are better than I look.

If you stop skiing so early in the morning, I will see you on the trails in the later afternoon.

May snow fall on you in this quasi drought time so it is harder for you to capture my image with your camera.

Ski on with a really big zoom lens.

2022-12-13 at 20:12 - comment by SkierRoger

You definitely have an eye for the classics Chuck.

THIS DAY LAST YEAR - Sighting of Mr. Democracy!

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Tuesday Dec 13, 2022

Submitted: Tuesday Dec 13, 2022 at 19:20


Okay, I did not ski today... but this photo might keep you interested!

While returning from Sundance Lodge on December 13, 2021, who would I meet, heading out on a night trip?

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