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2022-12-15 at 17:43 - comment by Sky.high

We concur, one of those vehicles was ours! We skied and ran perimeter trails clockwise from Ribbon Creek parking lot, Terrance, Kovac, link, Ribbon Creek, good conditions throughout with a few cms of fresh enhancing the feel good factor.

Casino gas is a bust now more expensive than Calgary :(

Martin & Jip

Ribbon Creek

Report Submitted by Ray Yong
(trip) Date: Thursday Dec 15, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Dec 15, 2022 at 00:23


Ed and I


Hidden - Coal Mine - Ribbon Creek - Link - Kovach - Terrace North

Temp was -7 at 0930. Between 3 and 5 cm of fresh, light, dry snow on the trails did a great job of refreshing the tracks. All trails were still trackset, and the snow made all the hills much more manageable.

Only saw 2 people on the trails, 4 other cars in the Ribbon Creek parking lot when we left around noon.


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