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2022-12-16 at 11:24 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Hi Roger,

You are right about the fire arms restriction.

Your comment reminded me of a story backpacking at the head of the Clearwater River at Devon Lakes. I found a large 30-06 rifle shell, unused by a rock. I was rather choked as Devon Lakes is not far from the now extinct caribou range in Banff. At that time there were still caribou in Banff.

I packed up the rifle shell. When I finished my trip, I called the wardens to tell them about the rifle shell I had found. They had no interest in having it for evidence. I was kind of shocked that they did not care. Wardens never have impressed me with what they don't do in the backcountry.

2022-12-16 at 07:57 - comment by SkierRoger

Great report Mr D.

Not completely sure, but I think rocket launchers are illegal in the national parks. However, I must admit I don’t see them listed here: https://parks.canada.ca/pn-np/ab/banff/bulletins

Great song though😳


Report Submitted by DEMOCRATIZE AB
(trip) Date: Thursday Dec 15, 2022

Submitted: Friday Dec 16, 2022 at 00:26


Mr. Legalize Real Democracy busting trail on 59 mm rock skis into the sunset


The Blue 20 Pipestone Trail is in good trackset condition up to the Pipestone River trail. There are a few avoidable rocks, unless you are skiing at night fast. New skis are not recommended yet, until another 7 cm of new wet snow falls and the trail is re-trackset. Then it will be in generally excellent condition.

The Pipestone River trail is in very good condition up to Point Camp meadows. I broke trail from the first unbridged creek crossing to the meadows. I made a new easier creek crossing as the cold weather has frozen up the creek which has not occurred in a number of years. The odd root was hit by me skiing out at night. There has been significant new snow fall on the trail since I last broke trail to the meadows.

The southerly end of the Point Camp Meadows has greatly improved in condition in recent weeks. The base is much better. Trail breaking through the meadows was somewhat difficult on average. Ski penetration is about boot top. The northerly end of the Point Camp Meadows is still very willowy. I gave up breaking trail due to the willows as hot red sun was shining on the peaks up valley just before sunset and beautiful blue sky was behind the mountains. This was major colorful eye candy. The eye candy included a 360 degree views of Pipestone high mountains through the meadows. Once the sun went down, the sky behind the mountains to the north in the Pipestone Valley went red. What a Pipestone sunset ski treat.

It was the coldest day of skiing yet for me this year. The Point Camp Meadows had a light breeze that seemed to make the wind-chill feel like -25c. The humidity felt high under the clear skies. There is nothing like a good Pipestone ski in the meadows at sunset and at night, even if it is cold.

A lynx was working the meadow quite a bit traversing all over the place. It had dug an number of holes, many right to the ground. There were also plenty of moose tracks in the meadows.

On the ski in on the Blue 20 trail, a helicopter was buzzing around for a hell of a long time. It was driving me nuts for kilometers of skiing with its noise. I could not see it through the trees but it nearly blew my ears out in one area. A 200 meter section of the trail smelt like terrible helicopter/jet fuel. It was brutal on the lungs sucking in the toxic fumes as I was breathing hard from skiing. I have worked a lot around helicopters in the past and I never smelt helicopter/jet fuel emissions like that before. I had never heard a helicopter buzz around so much in the National Parks before in my life. I was wondering if it was chasing wildlife as that is what it sound like often. It spun a lot of circles. Perhaps it was working for Lake Louise- who knows. It was ridiculous as I have never heard a helicopter fly crazy like that in my life. I was hearing what sounded like a lot of "cork screw" downward and upward hard spiral turns. Over and over and over.

As the great Bruce Cockburn sings: " If I had a rocket launcher I would make someone pay."

Bruce Cockburn tune:


Listen as you browse Skier Roger.

Total distance: 35.00 Km

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