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2022-12-19 at 13:50 - comment by MaSid

Doesn’t always form perfectly every year (and not currently, as of Friday). But if you are stealthy and have good timing, it’s in one of the smaller meadows on the BC side of west elk pass route between couch HQ and the hydroline.

2022-12-19 at 13:32 - comment by HenryL

Mom's a real beaut MaSid. You must have also snuck up on her while she was sleeping.

2022-12-19 at 07:46 - comment by MaSid

Momma wasn’t too far away

2022-12-19 at 07:25 - comment by HenryL

A sleeping baby Sauropod.

Spray River Winter Wonderland

Report Submitted by Ray P
(trip) Date: Saturday Dec 17, 2022

Submitted: Saturday Dec 17, 2022 at 17:24


Mary and myself


Spray west is still in very good condition. Trip reports by others earlier this week convinced us to ski here, especially with all the nasty winds on the front ranges further east. Our 10am start at -15C saw a couple of fresh cm on the trail, already tracked in by others ahead of us. The bit of fresh snow made the downhills a delight, and we had pretty good grip (VR30) and glide in the tracks. Beyond the east-west junction, its a winter wonderland with all the small trees dressed in white. We turned around after about 10km, giving us 20km for the day. Still -15C at the finish.

Total distance: 20.00 Km

Trail beyond the east-west junction.

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