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2022-12-20 at 12:26 - comment by ErinP

Nope Steve, I think you just confirmed your Intelligent Person status. ;)

2022-12-19 at 21:28 - comment by SteveR

Well, with the afternoon sun I actually looked at my bar of "polar extreme" glide wax (-30 and lower) and thought about rewaxing for some quick loops at confed. Nope- wimp status confirmed!

Cold but sunny at WBC

Report Submitted by ErinP
(trip) Date: Monday Dec 19, 2022

Submitted: Monday Dec 19, 2022 at 19:17


Me, in my pre-icicle form


Given that today was my last opportunity to get a ski in before the craziness of the holidays, I didn’t want to give up the chance. I waited a bit until it warmed up and was drawn to West Bragg Creek by the promise of new grooming in the past few days. I started off at about 1:30, and my car said -27. There were four other cars in the parking lot and although I saw two skiers early on, I didn’t see anybody else all the way around Moose Loop until I got back to the car and two other skiers were finishing their ski as well. As promised, the tracks were lovely although the snow was quite slow under my fishscales, unsurprisingly. When I got back to the car at 3:00 it said -22, although the wind in my face on the way back made it feel colder. Fingers crossed for some warmer weather along with the holiday cooking and baking…happy holidays everyone!

Total distance: 10.00 Km

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