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2022-12-21 at 21:36 - comment by mike w

DAB - You forgot several very important night skiing safety items: Sunglasses, sunscreen, and a sun hat in case you fail to make it back to your car by sunrise. In the worst case, you may have to take shelter until sunset. I think this is referred to as being "bedayed".

2022-12-21 at 19:59 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Hello Septuagenarians,

You have it right about me and my love for night skiing.

Thanks for posting that stunning clear night sky shot from the Sunshine cam. It has been so long since I have skied at night (a week) that I forgot how beautiful the night sky is being stuck in the Calgary doing my Legalize Real Democracy Party(ca.) - Democratize AB politics.

Do not fear the night, particularly if you are skiing with friends. Ski with a smile and let your senses take over. Just be prepared with a good headlamp, dry warm clothing, food, water and psychologically.

Lately my first break skiing in the day is when the sun sets or later. That is when I stop and eat and change my gloves and put on my toque or change it if it is snow covered. I will also put on my down vest or winter coat so that the dry clothing makes me feel more warm and comfortable at night. Then I will pig out on some grub and guzzle 1.5 liters of water as I do when I first start skiing. I like to pack 4 oranges for my breaks as well. I always carry at least 3- 1.5 liters of water and 4 in the spring + a 500ml bottle to ensure may body is well hydrated.

I always put my night gloves in my coat when I am on a break at night. The gloves will get toasty warm so when I ski out I normally have nice warm hands when I put them on. Skiing at night requires a person to be more prepared for adventure with the right equipment and right fearless state of mind. Obtain that state of mind in any way possible as fear must be eliminated. There is nothing to fear except fear itself night skiing. Try it. Just take it slow and easy on trails you know well that do not have high avalanche risk.

Virtual Night Ski

Report Submitted by Septuagenarians
(trip) Date: Tuesday Dec 20, 2022

Submitted: Tuesday Dec 20, 2022 at 20:42


Just a virtual ski.


It is too cold for us to ski, so we did a virtual ski tour of Sunshine Meadow at night. This picture may show why Mr. Democracy is so fond of night skiing. Look for the Big Dipper in the photo.

Aurora webcam on Dec 20 8 pm

Aurora webcam on Dec 21 8 am

Sunshine Webcams

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