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2022-12-28 at 23:24 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Howdy B Karl,

I like the picture you took. It may look simple but it is very good because of the lines that make the eyes move around.

The head is looking slightly to the right on the far left of the pic and there is plenty of scenery to the right of the photo. That is good to do in photography. The tree on the edge of the photo adds a nice framing along with the trees on the left. There are a number of lines that get the eyes to move throughout the picture. The treed ridge line gets the eyes to move left and right or right and left across the picture. There is ski trail lines in the snow that do the same. The mountain outline gets the eyes to move up and down somewhat and some of the trees point upward getting the eyes to move in that direction. Chris' toque also gets the eyes to circle around. The depth of field is excellent. The various shades of grey make it look like a cold winter day but then there is the stripe of hot red on Chris' coat that breaks up the cold grey effect and helps make her look warm with that hat and coat on.

A photo like this would have likely earned an A or higher in my old photojournalism courses taught by Frank Schufletowski.

Please add more eye candy photos in the future although it can be a pain in the snow pants to take photos sometimes when out enjoying life in the Great Canadian Rockies on skis.

Paradise Valley

Report Submitted by Karl B
(trip) Date: Wednesday Dec 28, 2022

Submitted: Wednesday Dec 28, 2022 at 17:21


Chris & me


We parked at Moraine at about 10:30, temp was 0 degrees, and lot was nearly full. The groomer had just finished doing the road when we arrived. We skied up the road until the Fairview turn off. Snow conditions were good although the track was a little soft. Lots of fresh snow. Used lots of special blue wax which gave good grip and no sticking. Skied up Fairview which was not groomed yet to the Paradise Valley turn off. The trail up the valley is skier set and in great shape. Lots of deep snow. Great views. Turn back just before the second bridge but the trail goes on. Returned back along Fairview and tramline. Tramline is groomed. Despite the warm temperatures snow conditions are good overall. More snow coming down when we left.

Total distance: 13.00 Km

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