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2022-12-29 at 21:11 - comment by MaSid

Well enjoy the comfort on a sunny day, both of you. Always best to pick the right day. But the meadows do travel ok right now, but would recommend LT, big baskets and gators at this time.

The normal view from Couch HQ at the the border/west elk pass, Mount Fox presiding.

2022-12-29 at 20:32 - comment by gh

I can hardly wait to try out the new couch.

2022-12-29 at 19:54 - comment by ulrikeski

Hi MaSid: awesome sofa and photo in the sun. Thanks for your big efforts! Hope to check out West Elk Pass soon.

“Snowfaland’s” Boxing Week Blowout (it’s real!)

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Thursday Dec 29, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Dec 29, 2022 at 18:10


The showroom is open with a single snowfa, a private bathroom, but no coffee tables or a wind wall.

-6 on arrival at 830 and a dusting of new. -5 on return at 430. The dusting covered up most of the debri on fox creek. Clear sailing once back on elk pass trail with decent skier set track. There has been 6” of new at blueberry junction since clearing the picnic table Christmas Day. West elk pass to hydroline had a new track a day or two old, presumably hut goers with heavy packs and skinny skis, but mostly a deep trench that was awkward. Off the track open meadows travel well finally with about ankle ski pens over the frozen crust 90% of the time. Occasional knee deep collapses. Encouraging, so went and had a look at east elk: not as good. Either you were on the crust ankle deep or below it (suddenly!) and knee deep plus, and back sliding trying to move uphill (wallowing about 50% of the time). Hard work. Turned around near the end of the first large meadow, not bothering with the narrow hallway and drainages through the trees. Might need a bit more snow and time to settle, or bring skins! Next time.

Tried to report from the nordiq alberta wifi at pocaterra hut. No luck.

Yep, it’s finally snowfa season. Get it while it’s hot. Bring your own cushions. Best sun between about 1130 and 2 currently.

Mmmm, fuel!!!! Smoked oysters and Jamaican jerk chicken patties.


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