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2023-01-01 at 11:54 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

As I am an alternative kind of guy, I appreciate seeing the xc ski report from Red Deer. It looks like some nice terrain there for people to adventure out onto or learn how to ski.

As a skier who has skied as far as the Northwest Territories boarder, I know there is some unique special sweet skiing across this Province.

It would be nice to hear more xc ski reports from across Alberta. Lets hear from the skiers in Vermillion, Fort Mac, the Peace, Jasper or where ever you may be laying ski tracks in the snow.

Democratize AB and ski it!
Legalize Real Democracy Party (ca.)

2023-01-01 at 09:09 - comment by SkierRoger

Thank you for the outstanding report, tmalaher. It is pleasing to see that our friends to the north have good opportunities for cross country skiing!

Ski on !

River Bend Golf Course - Red Deer - Excellent Day

Report Submitted by tmalaher
(trip) Date: Saturday Dec 31, 2022

Submitted: Sunday Jan 01, 2023 at 08:18


Great ski day at Red Deer's River Bend Golf Course on Saturday, Dec 31st. Started on the 5km one-way Purple loop which reminded us of Mount Shark with its numerous hills. It's a fun challenge for intermediate skiiers made very doable due to excellent grooming and wide trails - a skater's delight. We finished with the easy/green 3.4km Yellow loop which follows the perimeter of the golf course. It was also well-groomed with a nicely set single track and its undulating nature made it interesting. Though Red Deer hasn't had a lot of snowfall this year, there's certainly enough to make for great skiing. The trails are frequently groomed (check Nordic Pulse for updates) and the weather has been cold enough to preserve them. There was only one section with a bit of dirt on the trail that was easily avoidable. There also were a few areas with leaves/twigs/pine cones but most of the trails were quite pristine.

Total distance: 14.00 Km

Looking west from the spot where the purple loop crosses the road, a nice view of the river.

There are a couple of these overall maps strategically located. Note that one of the loops is lighted and the power switch is self-serve!

Important trail junctions are well marked, some with mini-maps.

The tracksetting across the golf course was very smooth. There were a few fat-bikers and snowshoers around, but they had not disturbed the grooming.

In the southern section up the riverbank the trails wind through a nice forest and there are some fun hills. The grooming was impeccable.

Trail Map

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