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2023-01-03 at 08:48 - comment by SkierRoger

What a great report Chuck!
Peter is is an inspiration and your shot of that dog team is a beauty.

Going to see if I can find me a snowfa today…

GREAT DIVIDE - Trackset Yesterday (New Years Day) after huge snowfall

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Monday Jan 02, 2023

Submitted: Tuesday Jan 03, 2023 at 07:36


Lake Louise finally got its well deserved snow, and it was a busy place.
Temperatures were around minus 10 and I used VR45 kick wax which worked very well on my track skis. Shelly was a little disappointed that she had chosen her 65mm metal edged skis, but they will be great on the Lake O'Hara road. The tracks on the Great Divide are not as deep cut as at the CNC, but they are soft and forgiving!
Barry was glad to learn of the option to start at the O'Hara end, as he had found it difficult to get into the parking lot at the Lake Louise end. Another advantage for me were all the compliments I got from skiers assuming that I was doing the return trip twice!

Peter (temporarily disabled), Christine and Andrew ate enjoying the ski conditions

Luckily I chose to start at the Lake O'Hara end, where there were only two cars in a well gravelled parking lot.

Colourful skiers adding joy

Don't mistake these sled dogs for Malamutes... they are Alaskans!

The parking lot at the Lake Louise end was full

Smiling Ann was quick to remember me from skiing yesterday at the CNC, and gave me a cheerful "Hi Again"!

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