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2023-01-04 at 18:28 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Howdy Chuckley,

Don't hold your breath that Parks Canada will groom Redearth Creek Trail. The Trudeau Liberals have cut the budget for our National Parks which means service reductions. The Banff National Park Superintendent is also not very pro trail maintenance. The Parks budget has been foolishly wasted on clear cutting and burning forests in Banff in recent years. In the past I have requested budget documents but received nothing. I wonder what Parks Canada is hiding?

Democratize AB

Legalize Real Democracy Party (ca.)

This is how people will control our National Parks, as it should be in a real democracy.



Report Submitted by chuckley
(trip) Date: Wednesday Jan 04, 2023

Submitted: Wednesday Jan 04, 2023 at 16:47


& Karl & Chris


Unless you like hard snowmobile packed downhills with ruts. Very fast- a little narrower in places than caution would desire.
Only recommended for nimble skiers who can step out of ruts while flying downhill.
Otherwise there is good snow cover - no rocks.
-15C start. -7C upon return from Warden Cabin. A beautiful day in the Rockies!
We were alone on the trail other than an Alpine Club employee returning from Shadow Lake Lodge on AT skis.
A solid grooming & track setting from Parks Canada to the turnoff just before the Warden Cabin would be greatly appreciated.

Total distance: 22.00 Km

Chris and Chuckley on Red Earth Creek Trail

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