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2023-01-05 at 22:02 - comment by Ray Yong

Thanks - one reason I like getting to trailheads at sunrise is I generally have the trails to myself for quite a while, and undisturbed tracks can be remarkably beautiful, especially after a fresh snow fall, or as in this case, perfect hoar frost conditions.

2023-01-05 at 19:28 - comment by Bob Truman

Ray, that's a remarkable photo of Tyrwhitt with the hoar frost.

Elk Pass: Moraine-Whiskey-Tyrwhitt-Hydroline-Patterson-Elk Pass

Report Submitted by Ray Yong
(trip) Date: Thursday Jan 05, 2023

Submitted: Thursday Jan 05, 2023 at 15:42




-17 at the Elk Pass trailhead at 0830, and it hadn't changed when I finished 3 hrs later. A moderate amount of debris on the trails and sections closely bordered by trees (Moraine, some Whiskey, and a parts of Tyrwhitt and Elk). The hoar frost was so thick on the trails at the higher elevations that I wasn't sure if it was frost or a skiff of new snow. Really pretty.

Was skiing on skin skies - really fast on the descents, and I had them adjusted forward for good grip on the climbs.

Trails are all in great condition. No ice or ice flows. Wind was unnoticeable in the trees, but on Hydroline was blowing about 20 km/hr, gusting to at least 30. The lower part of Patterson, by the meadow, was a little blown in, but nothing to worry about.

Nary an animal seen, though lots of moose prints on Tyrwhitt.

Moraine - pretty consistent throughout

Whiskey Jack - this was the worst of it. Most of the trail is just fine.


Hoar frost on Tyrwhitt

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