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2023-01-09 at 19:49 - comment by Helen Read

No sweeter a father-daughter duo! Wonderful photo you captured of your "Hector hero" at Mud Lake.

2023-01-09 at 17:44 - comment by MaSid

Probably needs more snow is my guess (based on prior ski reports and the coverage of the logs), unless you know it’s 2 ft or more above the ice and it’s not mostly facets.

2023-01-09 at 16:31 - comment by Beag

Thanks for that! Looks amazing. (We're going tomorrow...!)

Silky Pipestone snow

Report Submitted by ErinP
(trip) Date: Monday Jan 09, 2023

Submitted: Monday Jan 09, 2023 at 16:25


Me and JeffG


The day couldn’t have been more beautiful at the Pipestone trails! We started off at 10:30 and -5 degrees, and there was about 1cm in the tracks when we climbed Hector. It began snowing (big, soft flakes) as we climbed so by the time we hit Drummond there were maybe a few cms in the still-great tracks (it stopped snowing by the time we got to the beautiful lake at the end of Drummond and we had nothing but blue skies from then on). Both of our skins worked perfectly, and it was like gliding over silk, especially once we hit lower Drummond and climbing Pipestone where we were no longer smoothing out the new snow - thanks to the other skiers who did that! The Pipestone downhills were pretty easy with the new snow and nice grooming. We were back at the parking lot at around 1:30 and 0 degrees. What a treat!

Total distance: 17.00 Km

Hector hero

At the lake

Looking to see if a MaSid couch is on its way

A sparkling Pipestone meadow

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