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2023-01-14 at 00:00 - comment by ErinP

Thanks Helen! I think your autocorrect switched Jeff to Greg, but I got the very sweet gist of your message. ☺️ It sounds like you also had a nice ski next door!

2023-01-13 at 20:06 - comment by Helen Read

You might consider yourself a "ski nerd" but you are our best poster and representative of father Greg-daughter Erin "ski nerds". I know you both treasure every opportunity.

2023-01-13 at 16:11 - comment by ErinP

Bahahaha! And thanks! I thought I’d spice it up a bit, so I didn’t post the same type of report that I always do. (And hello again Ray!)

2023-01-13 at 15:40 - comment by Ωman

ooooh <i>I'm</i> inspired now...

ChatGPT: Write a recklessly ignorant epic poem combining nordic skiing conditions with government policies in DEMOCRATIZE AB style

Seriously: Erin, great work!

2023-01-13 at 15:40 - comment by Ray Yong

Nicely done! Ran into you guys at the Tyrwhitt/Lookout junction.

A ski nerd’s tale of PLPP

Report Submitted by ErinP
(trip) Date: Friday Jan 13, 2023

Submitted: Friday Jan 13, 2023 at 15:16


Me and JeffG


My dad and I went out today in search of tracks and snow
We knew that Peter Lougheed was the place that we should go
At 10 AM in Boulton lot it was plus 2 degrees
The biggest choice before us then was: which pair of skis?
We picked our skins and up we went ascending Whiskey Jack
Despite a bit of light debris we didn’t once look back
The awesome grip and lovely glide made for an easy climb
Before we knew it, we had reached the top in record time
What to say about Tyrwhitt except it went too fast
We talked and double polled while the scenery whizzed past
Elk Pass kept us on our toes avoiding bombs of snow
We stayed on our feet by staying focused, light, and slow
Fox Creek had the most debris like gravel under ski
Moraine was smoother and a pleasant end to our journey
Back at Boulton after noon and around 5 degrees
Thanks for reading this nerd’s poem of a fun and memorable ski!

Total distance: 17.50 Km

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