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2023-01-14 at 09:12 - comment by Ray Yong

Carole & Jamie - Nice to have met you. You also went up Blueberry! Wow, you guys are amazing. I had to knock it off because my arms were cramping.

JeffG - Thanks!

2023-01-13 at 18:27 - comment by JeffG

Nice to see you at the Tyrwhitt-Lookout junction on such a great day! Up and over Lookout is always a significant feat. Congrats!

2023-01-13 at 16:50 - comment by Carole

Glad you enjoyed it, Ray!

You met Carole & Jamie this morning.

We also skied up to Blueberry Hill where more snow bombs were plentiful!

Elk Pass - Elk Pass,Hydroline, Lookout South, Lookout North, Tyrwhitt, Elk Pass

Report Submitted by Ray Yong
(trip) Date: Friday Jan 13, 2023

Submitted: Friday Jan 13, 2023 at 15:55




It was actually a busy day at Elk! I'm used to being first on the trail and not seeing anyone for hours, but a lovely couple started out shortly after me and passed me on the way up to Lookout.

Trails are all fantastic - perfect condition. The occasional snow bomb debris can mess you up if you're going at speed so be careful. First time going up Lookout South. Holy cow! Note to self - don't do it again the day after giving blood...

Temperatures floating around 0 at 0830, and 2 at noon. Lots of cloud moving through the upper parts of the trail. With the higher temperatures, the snow is softer, so control coming down all the hills was excellent, and climbing was no issue at all. No ice or ice flows.


Contemplating the trail down, and the wisdom of my life's choices...



Elk Pass

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