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2023-01-14 at 17:24 - comment by ulrikeski

Thanks for the encouraging report, MaSid. Nice that you enjoyed some sun rays at your couch.

Graupel (no rain) at Lake Louise

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Saturday Jan 14, 2023

Submitted: Saturday Jan 14, 2023 at 17:02


Graupel (no rain) at Louise

Snowed lightly for the first few hours of the morning, providing good grip on the hills, but also a bit of light stickage on the fish scales. A layer of paraffin wax did the trick until onto previously travelled tracks. Travelled lower Tramline, MLR, Fairview, Peytos/Telemarks/GD, back on lower telemark to deer lodge and the descent down Tramline to the car. A bit twiggy in places for this time of year, but of no consequence. Sun popped out while at the snowfa briefly, then the tree bombs started. Ran the gauntlet back along Fairview to the lake, getting dusted a few times. More graupel after lunch and a bit more stickage on hills, but minor. Nice fast cruise down Tramline. Tracks should be fast and perhaps slick tomorrow. +2 back at the car at 2. Rain further east on the highway heading home, but light and intermittent.

P.S. The porta-potties at the train station parking are all locked up. Good option to feast with wild bill first.

There’s moisture in them there clouds

Sun popped out briefly at the snowfa, just after Ray, Mary, Keith and friends departed )-: Note the backpack and cushion position for proper lounge lizard action.

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