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2023-01-15 at 15:32 - comment by ErinP

I love it! I hadn’t seen that post the first time around…thanks for posting!

2023-01-15 at 06:25 - comment by Carole

I'll send a nudge to the author...

2023-01-14 at 21:02 - comment by MaSid

Definitely good brilliant stuff. Remember that from way back. And then never a new poem ensued. Sure would be nice to read some more of that talent. Where is Old L.E. Phant?

POEMS - To Describe the Day

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Saturday Jan 14, 2023

Submitted: Saturday Jan 14, 2023 at 19:15


So impressed by ErinP's poem yesterday, about a Ski Nerd's Tale, that I want to share this memory of another magnificent poem previously contributed to the SkierBob website by Old L.E. Phant:

Tale from some not-too-intrepid skiers.

First ski of the season -can cause us big stress
Self doubt runs rampant -our minds are a mess.

We’d been thinking about it -for a week, maybe two
Winter was here now -so what will we do?

I asked of Gazelle -“do you want to go?”
She paused but a moment -her answer was “NO!”

She saw in her mind -scenes of despair
Backsliding downhill -both skis in the air

And hearing again -that gut wrenching sound
Of “my little soft body -smashing to ground”

I knew what she meant -cause I’d felt it too
Several times on the trails-I’ve been black and blue

So our plan for the day -we’ll go for a HIKE !
Moose Mountain’s a place -we both claim to like

We met with “Our Keener” -she was up for the task
“You can ride in our car -but you must wear your mask”

The road to the trailhead -was icy as hell
But our little car -managed quite well

We started on soft snow -like walking in sand
That made it much harder -than what we had planned

We finally got there -I mean out of the trees
The wind was now hellish -no longer a breeze

We attacked the false summit -post holing some snow
we sent OK ahead -“the Keener should go”

The wind was so strong now -it nearly undressed us
We got up the false one -then turned back to our bus

OK kept going – she got close to the shack
But the trail disappeared -and she had to turn back

Our day overall -was a little insane
We’ll rethink ’bout skiing -ere we set out again.

THANK YOU Bob Truman for helping me resurrect this poem. The attached link will bring readers to the actual posting in 2020. It seemed particularly appropriate today as Jeannette said "No" to me when I suggested a ski... we went for a Hike!
PS Please Old L.E Phant, resurrect yourself here.

Link to the poem on SkierBob

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