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2023-01-18 at 01:01 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Hey Sid,

Real nice shot of the fog on Elk Pass. I like the elogongated pic effect. It reminds me of some old scenic spaghetti western movie effect. Nice lines with the meadow, trees, clouds and contours that draw the eyes around the pic. Interesting contrasts with white and green trees as well.

Surprising the cat did not have deeper snow penetration in your one pic and that your skis do not look like they have much for penetration as well. There must be some nice base in them thar hills to travel. I have been depending on tracks from predictors to keep me afloat in the rotten Rockies snowpack this year in some areas while breaking trail. Mind you I don't ski on big fatties for flotation. Those would be nice boards for Akamina Pass to take you into great burnt out ski turn photo country.

2023-01-17 at 19:54 - comment by MaSid

I’m hoping that by early to mid-febuary enough snow has fallen and some buried sun/wind crusts in the west facing cut blocks to make the route doable on LT gear. Last year my first trip through it on LT was mid-January and the Snowfa H2.0 was already built. No construction happened today. No amount of stomping made for good blocks. There was maybe a cm of new snow in the old track today, which ain’t much. It is a fantastic tour on a good weather day for sure. Highly recommended.

2023-01-17 at 19:33 - comment by ulrikeski

What an awesome day!
Looking forward to skiing there this winter.
Great photos.

East Elk-West Elk traverse

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Tuesday Jan 17, 2023

Submitted: Tuesday Jan 17, 2023 at 16:24


A 2 pass and 6 meadow day, mostly in the sun and no wind! Good to finally get in there and complete the loop. Required the AT skis and skins to make it work though. -10 at 830 to start and -1 on return at 3.
Patterson meadows: Good to go with LT gear.
East elk meadows: The old track through the initial meadow travelled fine. Skins on for the narrow treed/drainage section. Punchy and some wallowing crossing drainages. Easy travel in the final meadow. AT gear recommended currently. Same with the ridge ascent, ridge top meadows and descent to west elk pass through the cut blocks. The crust carried with gentle arcing turns down the cut block. Any aggressive turns were punchy. Only 26-28” of snow at the top of the descent. Construction crews present at the hydroline replacing poles.
West elk meadows: All manner of skis should be fine on the well established track.

The last bit of trees before east elk pass and the Snowfa H2.0 location. Gorgeous morning.

Beware of winter crop circles!

Beware of large cats! Seems they also do the traverse.

Got to the top just as the mists started moving into west elk.

Spot the wood pecker.

Even on misty days the views are always different and changing.

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