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2023-01-22 at 20:03 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Hey Roger,

I think the weather is more nuts than the computer weather forecast model you referred to. I was way out on my forecast last week as well. The jet stream went way up north suddenly before it hit the coast which was odd- at least by old time weather prediction standards. This seems to be a more common feature which makes weather prediction more difficult. Sometimes it seems like there is a weather shield off the BC coast which deflects many storms northward instead of allowing the westerly flows to go east, like they traditionally would.

2023-01-22 at 14:50 - comment by SkierRoger

Thanks Mr. Troll

We too experienced a fair amount of snow in NW Calgary this morning. For a minute, it had me wondering if the SpotWx predictions that I sent out last Sunday were correct. https://skierroger.ca/index.php?content=showski&id=1636&rownum=1448

As it turns out, the forecast Sunday snowfall was only correct for the eastern areas. Darn computers!

I now see SpotWx projects a dump of the white stuff on Friday/Saturday for many areas. Let’s hope it’s got things right this time!

Snow in the City!

Report Submitted by The 13th Troll
(trip) Date: Sunday Jan 22, 2023

Submitted: Sunday Jan 22, 2023 at 12:23


The Mountain Trolls


Slept in this morning - rewarded with fresh snow in Calgary. Sometimes it pays to be lazy. Mid-morning tour around North Glenmore park... first tracks through a couple centimeters of fresh powder. Just us and the Coyotes so far today. Air temperature right around zero Celsius. Did the "snowball test" could have gone either way; but decided to stick with SWIX V30 blue left over from Saturday's ski (did I mention I was lazy?). Great to have any new snow in Calgary. Enjoy!

Total distance: 6.00 Km

North Glenmore Duck Ponds

The Snowball Test

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