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2023-01-24 at 17:54 - comment by Chuck

There was an old man called L.E. Phant
Whose poetry does us enchant!
And while we might try
It doesn’t come nigh,
So we look forward to more from Old L.E. Phant.

2023-01-24 at 10:54 - comment by Donna B

Heartwarming! Thank you for “appearing” Mr. L.E.Phant, a gentleman and a gem, I’m sure.

2023-01-24 at 09:07 - comment by aqua toque

Well done!

Humourous with a hint of melancholy.

Gets ya right in the feels.

2023-01-24 at 08:13 - comment by SkierRoger

Thanks for the lovely poem, Old L.E. Phant.
I think you brightened everyone’s morning!

Thanks for asking

Report Submitted by Old L.E. Phant
(trip) Date: Monday Jan 23, 2023

Submitted: Monday Jan 23, 2023 at 21:45


No trip today


To Chuck and to Carole ~ you threw me a pen
You put onus on me ~ to write something again

So who am I? ~ Well it's kind you would care
To hear or read anything ~ I put on the air

I'm just an old duffer ~ not looking for fame
I think better for all ~ you don't know my name

Past forty was I ~ when I first put on skis
In the decades since then ~ I've wrecked both knees

My feet are like castors ~ they go where they will
Panic sets in ~ at the top of each hill

I never got too good ~ at steering my skis
But somehow I managed ~ to not hit the big trees

Still I go out there ~ less often, less far
At times I feel nervous ~ when I can't see my car

My friends know I love them ~ tho seldom I go
Not fair to impede them ~ cause I am so slow

My wife is still with me ~ she goes where I go
She helps me get up ~ when I'm flat on the snow

But enough of self pity ~ my whine is now done
I'm going out to claim ~ my share of the fun

My memories are priceless ~ I know yours are too
We're totally lucky ~ to do what we do

My wife is my soulmate ~ (I trust her for feed)
Warm home and good woman ~ are all that I need.

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