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2023-01-29 at 18:53 - comment by Helene

Hi MaSid,
Your poor snofa was in sorry state but my Seattle friends were still impressed. A fine lunch stop. ,-) We were there before Thursday night's snowfall. Wish I had taken a photo... will try to be more diligent with recording.

2023-01-26 at 17:03 - comment by MaSid

Is the snowfa still in decent shape? Doesn’t sound like there has been much new snow.

Moraine Lake Rd - Fairview - Tramline

Report Submitted by Helene
(trip) Date: Thursday Jan 26, 2023

Submitted: Thursday Jan 26, 2023 at 16:27


the Mountaineers from Seattle and myself


Freshly groomed today: MLR and Tramline (all the way). Fairview has pretty good snow and some debris but nothing major. Lovely conditions with a few snowflakes flying about. Sorry! no photos It was somewhat windy and hovering around 0C. All in all, a surprisingly delightful day!
Happy trails!


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