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2023-01-27 at 20:18 - comment by SteveR

Silky smooth blue wax skiing on the core trails late this afternoon, with 4-5 cm of powder snow overlaying the roller packing of earlier in the day. Although I had been marvelling at how well the grooming team had kept Bragg skiable throughout the drought- it's great to see the return of winter conditions!

2023-01-27 at 19:04 - comment by Chuck

Looks like Peter and Jeremy have their work cut out for them!
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2023-01-27 at 17:05 - comment by Gord F

Great to meet you today Roger. True, no conclusions about which skis are best. I'm thinking maybe all 3 would be the ticket. Nancy and I have been skiing on waxable Rossignol BC 65 metal edged skis in pretty much every condition. They are wider than standard track skis, but they fit the track without any significant drag on the sides. The only condition that gives us real problems is hardpacked trails on warm days so waxless skis would be good for that. And, I'm an admitted klisterphobe.
I'll second the conditions report for today. Beautiful skiing on soft roller-packed trails. Blue wax was the ticket for us.

Snow, Snow, Snow at West Bragg Creek

Report Submitted by SkierRoger
(trip) Date: Friday Jan 27, 2023

Submitted: Friday Jan 27, 2023 at 14:55


West Bragg Creek is back in action thanks to several cm of overnight snow! I skied some of the southern trails and found to snow to be soft and fluffy. Just a bit of stickiness due to the warm temperature. Wouldn't be surprised to see more snow fall throughout the day. Expect the temperature to drop too!

It was really nice to visit with Gord F and Nancy. All 3 of us had our metal edged skis. Theirs are a fair amount wider than mine and no doubt, all are heavier than the traditional classic skis. We chatted about the merits of waxed vs skin vs fish scales. No conclusions made today...

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