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2023-01-29 at 17:12 - comment by Helen Read

Ditto to Ulrike. It is pretty unusual for me to ski two days in a row at CNC but Sat/Sun both magnificent. Rundle/Meadowview/Bow/Grey Wolf/King of Sweden/ending on Banff. Rarely do I get to enjoy waxing on CNC trails but green (-10 to -15) did the trick. Off to William Watson this week: the ski and weather Gods are with us.

CNC - a superb classic day

Report Submitted by ulrikeski
(trip) Date: Sunday Jan 29, 2023

Submitted: Sunday Jan 29, 2023 at 15:48


me and my ski buddies


A bluebird day with excellent classic tracks. A multitude of trails were groomed even Salt Lake. Temperature warmed up to -13C. Skiing at its best at CNC. Enjoy!

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