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2023-01-30 at 06:53 - comment by MaSid

A wise move Jim. Once past the first wide open meadow, it does get a bit more wind protected (smaller meadows).

2023-01-30 at 06:09 - comment by JimB

Only as far as the snofa on this trip. Saw the blown in tracks continuing south through the meadow but with the brisk headwind away from the trees, we decided to turn around at that point. Good luck with your knees

2023-01-29 at 21:44 - comment by MaSid

Glad you made it there and enjoyed some sun and views. Wanted to be there myself today, but having some knee issues and a lack of desire for -20 and lower. Hopefully you made it all the way through the meadows to the hydroline and back given the sunny weather. It’s a worthwhile tour, even with a little bit of trail breaking, mostly because of the efficient cruising on return on The track you broke.

In search of the West Elk Meadows Snofa

Report Submitted by JimB
(trip) Date: Sunday Jan 29, 2023

Submitted: Sunday Jan 29, 2023 at 20:19


Jim and Kim


Best word to describe todays snow conditions? Slow! -35c overnight and -23 when we started from Elk Pass parking lot just before noon so no surprise the snow lacked good glide. Mostly skier trackset conditions except for frozen machine trackset on Fox Creek and breaking trail from elk pass trail through to the west meadows. Enjoyed MaSids snofa in glorious sunshine and sheltered from the wind. PLPP was a pretty quiet place today. -15 when we got back to the car at 3:30

Total distance: 15.00 Km

Putting my feet up after a slow slog to get there

What a view!


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