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2023-01-30 at 10:28 - comment by Peter N

Thanks Chuck! Hadn't been here in years, had funny feeling that got name wrong. Would like to have skied to the real Goat Creek bridge, but given the Trumanesque late start 1:30 pm, decided it was time to head home.

2023-01-30 at 07:51 - comment by Chuck

Peter, that is NOT the Goat Creek Bridge!
That is another bridge over the SPRAY RIVER (10 kms from Banff).
One has to go another few kms east to get to the Goat Creek bridge which very beautiful and particularly tricky as approached from the east.
Goat Creek Bridge photo attached from my December 1st report.

2023-01-29 at 22:10 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Howdy Peter,

I like a few of your pics, particularly the first one of the confounded Goat Creek trail bridge that sends shivers down to my skis. The lines on the bridge and fence really move the eyes around through the picture horizontally fast. That reminds me of how fast I come down the hill and onto the confounded bridge where there have been many skiers crashing into it, including a friend of mine who almost looked like he was going to fall into the "drink."

I love carving those corners, along all that wood, with my 205 cm metal edge skis- the sharp edged ones anyways. There is no room for error skiing down the hill fast on this section of the trail.

The photo technique of convergence of lines (well almost in the bridge photo) is where the people have a good bridge "convergence" crash. Those who don't crash ski into "sunny ways" as shown in your photo.

A++, particularly for the angle of the photo. Good pic.

Democratize AB
Legalize Real Democracy Party (.ca)

Banff Springs to Goat Creek

Report Submitted by Peter N
(trip) Date: Sunday Jan 29, 2023

Submitted: Sunday Jan 29, 2023 at 21:09




Started at 1:30 on the west Spray trail. Excellent grip with Swix VR30 at -18°. Shallow but hard fast tracks the first 6 km to the bridge at the east/west Spray trail junction. Tracks improved markedly beyond that point. Saw only a handful of folks, as you might expect on a cold Sunday afternoon. Enjoyed sunshine at the Goat Creek bridge, saw no one at all on return trip.

Total distance: 20.00 Km

Goat Creek bridge

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