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2023-02-03 at 22:16 - comment by Helen Read

Great to meet you Barry G in the Terrace parking lot! My girlfriend and I had a short ski on Terrace/Aspen Blue/Green to Kovach and conditions improved as we descended Kovach. I must admit, including me, that alot of skiers were fooled by the new grooming the was shown on Nordic Pulse, having NO IDEA of the extent of damage the wind did to it following. I skied the exact same route yesterday and it was 150% better. I feel badly for the groomers who did such a fabulous job of these trails last night.

Kananaskis Village needlemania

Report Submitted by Barry G
(trip) Date: Friday Feb 03, 2023

Submitted: Friday Feb 03, 2023 at 21:31


Heavy wind has made a mess of the fresh tracksetting … needles, twigs and particularly a lot of cones to trip you up. Got through OK with fish scales. Wax skis would be hopelessly fouled. I wouldn’t risk skin skis. Too bad about this – the snow coverage is actually quite good.

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