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2023-02-05 at 07:33 - comment by MaSid

Diana, only H2O used in back country winter locations. But always making furniture, skiing/hiking in between. It’s a lifestyle. We are well researched in the perfect angle of repose here at Snowfaland. (-;

Sorry AT, only 3/4” fittings

2023-02-04 at 23:32 - comment by aqua toque

Sweet lookin' table!

Do you have any extra fittings? I need a couple 1/2" 90s for the gas line to the sauna.

2023-02-04 at 22:51 - comment by Diana Piggott

Are you reinforcing your backcountry furniture now?? Or is this a different project?
I'm glad to hear about the flurries; the warm, dry, windy weather gets a bit depressing.

Go for a ski > make/ENJOY furniture > repeat

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Saturday Feb 04, 2023

Submitted: Saturday Feb 04, 2023 at 16:50


-2 this morning at 8, +1 on return at 330. Quite a bit of needle and other debri on elk pass and fox at the beginning. Reasonable after fox (fishscales). Rebroke the trail through Patterson meadows. The trail to east elk pass now travels reasonably with LT gear, except a handful of awkward herringbone spots (prior track was a “skin” track and still some bottomless pole plants). Should be fine after a few more bodies, or bring your kicker skins. But at least Snowfa Headquarters 2.0 (H2.0) is open for business. No wind wall yet. Cloudy most of the day today with on and off light flurries, light winds and occasional bouts of sunlight. Snow should have stayed cool for tomorrow. But bring your fishscales and don’t step on those pine cones.

Thankfully mild temps

Just like bricks and mortar, but snow

And not always just snow


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