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2023-02-08 at 21:25 - comment by Chris S

WBC won the snow lottery today!

2023-02-08 at 19:26 - comment by MaSid

Good timely info GH, just as this site was intended. Thanks.

WBC surprise snow event

Report Submitted by gh
(trip) Date: Wednesday Feb 08, 2023

Submitted: Wednesday Feb 08, 2023 at 18:21


just me


When I checked the weather radar this morning it looked like West Bragg Creek was getting quite a bit of snow. It turned out that that was indeed the case. There was about 8 - 10 cm at the parking lot and similar amounts throughout the network. I skied a morning loop of north Moose and the Mountain Views. There was some trail breaking so progress was slow. The afternoon loop of loggers and Iron Springs - Elbow figure 8 was a little faster with more people having gone before me. Once the groomers get to it, conditions should be pretty good until it gets really warm again.

Total distance: 30.80 Km

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