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2023-02-09 at 18:11 - comment by SteveR

I was wondering why they hadn't used the smaller machines while the snow rabbit was down. It didn't matter much to us today as we really enjoyed the silky smooth ungroomed new snow, with the old tracksetting still evident in most places.

Fine conditions on Mountainview West, although the downhills could have been a bit faster.

WBC grooming

Report Submitted by gh
(trip) Date: Thursday Feb 09, 2023

Submitted: Thursday Feb 09, 2023 at 17:32


just me


This is not an actual trail report. I see that some people have been enjoying the substantial snow fall at WBC and wondering about the lack of grooming in the past couple of days. The grooming there has been impacted by mechanical issues. Three of their grooming machines are down. The rabbit maybe up and running in a few days. Enjoy the fresh snow on skier set tracks. It is pretty good.

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