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2023-02-11 at 00:29 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Howdy CMS,

I seem to break a lot of pole baskets on the Pipestone River Trail. I actually skied up there the other day with basketless poles as I have broken several this year. That takes some special foot "loose" moves to do that with this year's rotten Rockies snowpack. Not to long ago I broke a ski pole tip off in front of the wildlife camera up the Pipestone. There would be a 3 minute lesson on how to repair one on that camera. I have also broken pole straps and pole strap adjusters which I have fixed by cramming in slithers of spruce.

I went shopping for new poles but I was choked by the prices for well balanced poles. In the original MEC days, I could buy reasonably well balanced poles for $29 to $55 but no more. The manufacturers today make poorly balanced lead weight poles for that price now. I like to buy cheap poles because I smack a lot of willows and trees with them and I hate breaking expensive poles when clearing overhanging brush on trails.

Thanks for breaking trail as far as you did. I went a couple of klicks further and if you wanted to finish the trail breaking job to Point Camp Meadow, that would be appreciated by those that like their Pipestone. You will be well rewarded in the Meadows on a nice day. Careful not to cause a neck injury spinning your head around while looking at the great 360 degree views that you will be rewarded with.

2023-02-11 at 00:01 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Howdy Roger,

Perhaps the answer to your question might be - my leg?

I should say that if anyone finds about 190cm of white Madshus ski base as narrow as 48 mm, please return it too me. Thanks.

2023-02-10 at 17:30 - comment by CMS

There must be a Pipestone River gremlin. I was the one who re-broke your trail yesterday, and as I started my return run one of my baskets disengaged and would "float" up and down the pole, resulting in the tip going to the ground every time I had to use it. Not as serious as your gear failure, just annoying until I got back to the groomed trail. I considered crossing the river and returning on that old track, but didn't want to break trail both directions.

2023-02-10 at 15:24 - comment by SkierRoger

Sorry to hear about the busted ski. Last time it was a pole I think.
What next?


Report Submitted by DEMOCRATIZE AB
(trip) Date: Thursday Feb 09, 2023

Submitted: Friday Feb 10, 2023 at 01:55


A Champion to legalize your right to introduce and vote on government bills skiing on a 210 Madshus Vidda ski that lost 80% of the base


The Pipestone B20 trail was freshly trackset today. The tracksetter dug up a some pine needles leaving low to low moderate amounts of debris on the trail. Moderately fast skiing. Fast up hills with Swix V30 wax. No rocks. Deep tracksets.

The Pipestone River trail was skier tracked for a few kilometers. After the skier track I broke trail to within about 1.5 km of Point Camp Meadows. Excellent snow on the trail. Trail breaking was some what difficult in the trees and my old trail was buried and not visible. I had to feel for it with the skis in order not to sink to my thighs. Ski penetration was boot deep except where I drifted off trail. Open areas the trail breaking is very difficult and slow.

I skied into a near frozen snow bomb and I heard a snap on my left ski. I noticed a crack or viscous shatter crack about 1/2 way down my ski tip. The ski was still skiable but I noticed a little reduction in speed. When I got back to my car around 10:15pm and took my ski off, I noticed I lost 80% of my ski base which blew me away. That has never happened to me before.

I paid $185 for the used Vidda skis last spring and probably only skied on them about 6 times. I also put new bindings on them. That is pretty expensive depreciation. I guess they are junk now which is a bummer. The were fast light skis.

Total distance: 30.00 Km

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