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2023-02-16 at 19:03 - comment by Chuck

As Tim's dog says every day - best day ever :)

2023-02-16 at 17:25 - comment by BonnyTasky

Mary. Clive and I passed you I think. The sled was WAY too fast and nearly took my buddy Clive out on a corner. We loved the ski, and did not really have a grip issue with our skin skis. Great to be back on proper snow!

2023-02-16 at 16:43 - comment by ulrikeski

Hi Mary, your report really shows how fast conditions change in this dry and wacky winter. No guarantees anymore from one day to next what to find - either ice and melting temperatures or blasting winds and freezing cold. Sadly, climate change shows it's grip. Let's hope we still get a "real snowfall" for the rest of the season.

Both Sides Now - at O'Hara

Report Submitted by Mary
(trip) Date: Thursday Feb 16, 2023

Submitted: Thursday Feb 16, 2023 at 15:44


Ray and me


After reading Chuck's post about the Lake O'Hara road, we decided to try it our for ourselves. It was -8 at the parking lot and there was a strong wind blowing, and a few snow flurries. Starting on 45 wax, we later had to wax even warmer due to not getting good grip. Tracks were very hard and abrasive, as was the middle for doing the herring-bone hustle. About a half km past the picnic table clearing at 5 km. there was a lot of debris from a downed tree (removed) and just beyond that, a short ice flow, We got to the 7 km marker and decided it was too much work to continue with our poor grip, so we turned around. A very fast moving snowmobile with sled passed us going down, and later back up again, throwing marble-sized icy balls into the ski tracks, which made for a noisy, bumpy and uncomfortable descent. After lunch at the car, we thought we'd get in a few more kms. by skiing to the Great Divide. The difference in tracks was like night and day. GD tracks were soft, quiet and smooth, perfect for a quick dash to the divide and back. -3C at the end, with the usual wind blowing.

Total distance: 21.00 Km

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