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2023-02-17 at 21:59 - comment by Diana Piggott

I must get back there soon......

Blueberries and cream

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Friday Feb 17, 2023

Submitted: Friday Feb 17, 2023 at 16:18


-5 to start at 930, -2 back at the car at 230. The elk pass area was mostly cloudy, some light flurries, a bit of sun and brisk north winds today. A dusting of fresh in the tracks made for nice travel. A bit dirty and some light debri on fox creek, but decent tracks. Put a fresh track in through lower blueberry meadows, starting at the meadow on the first s-curve of blueberry. Boot top trail breaking off the old track. Creamy travel once on the old track away from the wind. Linked up with west elk meadow and snowfa HQ. Then refreshed the old track through the meadows to the hydroline and back, returning on lower blueberry (with some straightening of the morning route). Travel through the west elk meadows track is excellent right now, except the brisk north wind on return blowing in portions of tracks in the large open meadow. Should still be visible though. No fresh signs of snow being plowed under the hydroline right of way except the skiers descending to the hut.

Excellent smooth travel in the reset track through west elk meadows.

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