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2023-02-20 at 19:36 - comment by aqua toque

It bears an uncanny resemblance to my barber's floor after the haircut I had last week.

2023-02-19 at 23:51 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

Howdy Erin,

I can't say what animal that fur came from in your photo for sure, but it may be from a major animal itch. I don't see a blood bath in your picture so I would assume an animal was not killed by a hit and run xc skier or predator. It is possible the hair was pulled off a part of an animal by a scavenger chewing on a frozen leg but I would expect little bits of other animal material such as frozen blood bits or hide.

I am surprised I do not see good visible tracks in the snow but the photo is not covering much area. Next time take some extra photos to show tracks if possible.

I used to tie flies at one time and the hair kind of looks like deer hair. It is hard for me to tell with the photo due to scaling difficulties though. I don't see any good tracks in the photo but it almost looks like some type of paw tracks visible but I can't say for sure. If paw prints were visible, it could be wolf hair but I would be surprised if it was due to the clumpiness of the hair.

Keep on skiing, even over animal hair, and enjoy Mother Earth's Naturehood.

Democratize AB.

Mixed reviews of Goat Creek-SRW

Report Submitted by ErinP
(trip) Date: Sunday Feb 19, 2023

Submitted: Sunday Feb 19, 2023 at 18:12


Me and my hubby


The snow is about to come and everything will change, so I won’t write a long report about today’s ski. All I will say is…really Banff trail report??? REALLY? If the almost unskiable mess of Spray River West is considered fair, I don’t know what would be considered poor. The debris was awful, almost all the way from the east-west junction to the Banff Springs Hotel trailhead, and the hills were pretty icy. I was actually worried for some of the young kids that we passed and wondered how they would make it home. Goat Creek was much better, although I also think it deserved a fair rating rather than good… The tracks were OK after kilometre three (we started in Canmore) but pretty nonexistent before that due to the boot prints and the downhills were quite icy. Still a beautiful day, and it was lovely to not freeze, but we definitely need more snow.
I guess my rant made this a longer report than I thought!

Total distance: 18.50 Km

We held on and made it on to the bridge without taking a swim!

Does anyone know what kind of fur this is? Or what happened to the creature the fur belongs to??

Still smiling (barely) after the debris-fest

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