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2023-02-28 at 17:03 - comment by MaSid

Regarding the remnant snow blocks, perhaps best repurposed in a wind wall protecting the nearby picnic table, if they haven’t been groomed back into the trail already. Easy, other than maybe detaching them from their frozen mooring.

Elk Pass Area Update

Report Submitted by Septuagenarians
(trip) Date: Sunday Feb 26, 2023

Submitted: Sunday Feb 26, 2023 at 17:17


Two of us.


Elk Pass area trails were quite a variety today. We started at the Elk Pass parking lot. Elk Pass trail was in very good condition, considering the amount of traffic that it saw during the Cookie Race. There was a dusting of new snow and quite a few pine cones on the trail. We took the time to remove them from the track to ensure a smooth trip back down which was, as expected, quite fast on the return.

Hydroline was blown over but the snow machine that hauled out the Cookie Race setup left a solid track that was not covered and provided a nice solid fast ride.

Blueberry Hill was "old school" skiing. There was a skier set track on 15 to 20 cm of solid snow since the grooming. This called for a different technique than usual with herring bone and snow plowing being more difficult than on a groomed trail. We only went up partway and found the descent a fun bouncy ride in and out of the skier trackset.

Total distance: 14.00 Km

Elk Pass trail on the Hydroline hump.

Can these race trail markers be repurposed into a snowfa?

Hydroline Trail.

Drift on Hydroline.

Another Drift on Hydroline.

Blueberry Hill.


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