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2023-02-26 at 18:01 - comment by skierdylan

Very nice day out at WBC! SkierRoger and JoLynn were nice enough to show us the ropes of XC skiing with tips about wax types and stride technique. I felt as if I'd known them my entire life!

More Novice skiers. This time at WBC

Report Submitted by SkierRoger
(trip) Date: Sunday Feb 26, 2023

Submitted: Sunday Feb 26, 2023 at 17:31


Jolynn, Allyson, @CamiKepkeGlobal, skierdylan and I


JoLynn and I were excited to have more company today. 3 more novice XC skiers, but youth (and fitness) is the great equalizer. You wouldn’t have known they were new to the sport at all. These downhill skiers and snowboarders had so much fun, they may be back!

I fully agree with MaSid’s report of the fantastic track conditions at WBC. We arrived early and were greeted by some crisp weather. The track setting was solid and fast. Blue wax worked well.

We skied West Crystal, Loggers & Sundog Loops and Elbow.

I wonder if Cami will kick off her Global news broadcast with an XC skiing update tonight? 😉

A really enjoyable day in all that new snow.

Really nice track setting

Enjoyment all around

Smiling faces

Lots of other skiers today

It was a crisp morning which warmed up quickly

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